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CCleaner Professional [ Preactivated vesion]

CCleaner professional is one of the most downloaded software available on the internet. The CCleaner Professional not only cleans your PC but also boosts up your pc speed on the advanced level. CCleaner Professional also increases your memory capacity up to 30 percent by removing the unwanted cache.

ccleaner professional

CCleaner Professional Details

CCleaner professional is software that monitors and analysis the memory and clears your system unwanted programs. The software also monitors internet tracker and aware of your system from the tracker and stop any website to track you and your system. It also keeps your system history browsing private so no one else can check your website history. CCleaner professional monitor software space and stop them from unwanted space allocation. The main purpose of CCleaner boosts up your system speed. For example, when a program is loaded and you work on that program after your work complete you close the program but mostly these programs still running on the background, and system memory used by this system and CPU also still works for this software. So, the CCleaner stops the program to use background running and clear the ram and also close the program so CPU allocation can end up. Almost 30% more ram can be saved on average. So, if your system is out of memory running then CCleaner is one of the good solutions. And also good in case of browsing and tracking it provides you a good solution. The 2.5 billion downloads of CCleaner is one of the biggest numbers of any software. According to the official website of CCleaner pro 5,000,000 downloads per week is people’s trust in this software. It also safe your system from crashes. Junk files and unwanted registry remove and clear. Some of the main features of CCleaner is given below:

Main feature of CCleaner Pro

  • Boost your system up to 53%
  • 28% more ram space
  • Complete cleaning of PC
  • Detect and remove internet trackers
  • Cleanup system cache
  • Registry and junk clearance
  • Almost all windows operating system supports

Download link for CCleaner Professional-Business-Technical- all version Preactivated latest [v5.66.7716]

old version 5.59.7230



This software is only for education purpose and only for those who couldn’t afford it. You should buy a license if you can afford from Official site.