Download Google Chrome Offline Installer(x64-x86)

Google Chrome offline installer Standalone is for those user who didn’t have working internet or facing online installation problem. So here the method to download the Google chrome 64 bit and 32 bit in offline mode.

Download Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installer

There’s no doubt about the efficiency, looks, advancement, user interface, and security of google chrome. It’s one of largest download software because there are a number of Google product which makes it compulsory to use chrome. Just like Desktop and the mobile user now connect with internet and search of google is the one and only big player of search industry belong to internet.

google chrome offline installer

Google insist the user to download chrome through online method where 1mb of exe file start to install and then rest of the installation complete through this file. But Not every person want to download online but facing different type of problem while online particaullary those user which have low internet speed. Some user doesn’t have much knowledge of computer so they call someone help. Another reason belong to network computer where they install software through single server and some people use USB to install the chrome. For all these reason they need an offline installer of google chrome.

Some people think that they can’t install the google chrome offline through google official website but believe me you can do this. So, here a link of offline installer through google official website.

Download Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installer 32-bit

Download Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installer 64-bit


This link directs you to an official website just click on “Accept and install” and the offline installer will start automatically.

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