How do I know how many devices are connected to my WiFi?

There’s a number of methods through which you can try to find out how many devices are connected with your wifi router. It depends on you which method is beneficial for you. Even you can check connected wifi devices with your mobile phone. So, how you can check? Just follow the method given below.

how many device are connected to my wifi

Check connected device through Wifi Router

Most of the router provides you details about connected devices. You have to open your router IP address which is provided with the router. Every router provided company use their own IP address to open the setting of the router. Mostly IP address of wifi router looks like this or

There are a number of methods to find out the IP address of a router.

  • You can find IP address on backside of your device
ip address of tp-link
TP-link outdoor wifi router
wifi device ip address
  • If you don’t have access to the physical device you can also find IP address through command prompt by typing “ipconfig” and search for the default gateway. It will show you the IP address of the device.
  • you can also find out IP address by search on google by typing the device model number

1)Input the IP address

Now you have to enter the ip address in your browser and press enter.

2) user name and password

Now you have to enter username and password on the login page. you can find out both things on the backside of your modem, under the IP address information. Just enter both entries.

3) Find out DHCP

When you log in to your modem, you will see the home page of your device. All the necessary information will be displayed here. The home page is also known as a status page. some devices only show the number of connected devices but some display all the details like device model number, mac address, and assign IP addresses. So, it depends on your device. If your device only displays a connected number then you can check them on the status page.

Otherwise, you have to find out the DHCP option in your device menu. DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) gives you complete details of connected devices. Here you can check my DHCP connected device list. I have CPE 220 outdoor modem which has pharos software. This software provide very advanced level configuration. Here is the list of some connected devices

Here another wifi router from Tenda company which is basically used by Ptcl company in Pakistan. This device also provides complete details of connected users. Almost 20 devices are connected with my router.

ptcl dhcp detail

Here the ToTolink Device DHCP client info that describe the connected user’s detail. Hence only two devices are connected at the time

Check wifi connected device through Mobile Phone

There are numbers of app that are used to gives information about the connected device with your router. Almost every app gives you same details about the conected devices. Just eneter “who is using my wifi” in search box of app store and select any of the app to install. When install complete just open and check the connected devices.