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Dot Net framework 4 offline

The .Net framework 4  also known as dot net framework offline is one of the best feature application for developing applications.

.Net Framework 4.0 Description

Microsoft .Net most comes with web installer but you can install the offline version from below link. Offline dot Net 4 can be installed on those systems which don’t have an internet connection or having a problem to install through the web. This offline version has all the main feature which are included in net framework 4.

dot net framework 4

Most of the developing application run on the Net framework. Windows 7 and lowest version of windows are not included with a built-in net framework. You need to install indirectly or through an update of Windows. In case of urgent requirement, the net frame can be download from Microsoft website but in case of slow internet connection, the application could not install or fail to install. In this case, you need to download an offline version of dot net framework which is download from the given links below.

Dot Net  framework 4 version with compatibility:

There are also many version of dot net like 4.5 and 4.7 which can also available in offline. It depends on user OS and requirement that which version needs to be install. For XP operating system, the user can only install lower level version like 4.o version. In case of Windows 7, the user can install all version above the dot net framework 4 to 4.5, 4.7 and up to soon. Windows 10 have a built-in feature of the Net framework, means you don’t need to install a separate application.