Mozilla Firefox Web Browser offline Installer Standalone

Mozilla firefox Offline Installer is one of the best browser. Even Chrome browsers top level team member claim that mozilla firefox browser is better than Google Chrome browser.

Mozilla Firefox offline Installer Features

When we talk about why the firefox i s internet most perfect browser the main reason behind this is that the mozilla browser is open source and number of non profit organization members contributes toward making it better. On the other hand all browser companies afford a limited number of employs but in case of mozilla there’s no limit of people work for them.

The Mozilla Foundation offers a “bug bounty” (US$3,000 to US$7,500 cash reward) to researchers who discover severe security holes in Firefox.[89] Official guidelines for handling security vulnerabilities discourage early disclosure of vulnerabilities so as not to give potential attackers an advantage in creating exploits. Source

Everyone who have knowledge and programing skill can participate to enhance the advancement. People of different countries comes up with new ideas and problem solving techniques. So, they make it better than before. So, now we talk about how you can download it in offline mode.

How to download firefox installer offline

Most of browsers insist users for online installation but not everyone want an online installation because many people have issue while online installation and on a server-client machine it’s hard to install online. So they prefer offline installation of firefox.

Here’s the method to install offline firefox. Firefox allow users to download offline installation for 32bit or x86 and for x64 or 64 bit machine. In the following link you can download firefox latest version from officical website of Mozilla firefox. You need to select your origin language and select the version wheter 32bit or 64 and click on it. A downloading will start. The maximum size will be less than 60mb. So download it from the given link and enjoy Mozilla firefox.

Download Mozilla Firefox offline Installer (x32 )

Download Mozilla Firefox offline Installer (x64 )

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