Microsoft Office 2019 Pro x32 x64 with activator(Preactivated)

Microsoft Office Professional 2019 is officially released and now available for download. The MS office 2019 comes up with new features and have a better performance as compared to Microsoft 2016. The users of the previous version of MS office product will definitely enjoy the improvement and bugs fix in the latest version with comes with office 2019. One thing that Microsoft changes is that the new office 2019 will be one-time installation software and you will not receive any update or other related things. It means once you download the MS office 2019 you will not receive any update from Microsoft until the next version of office comes into the market.

Features of MS Office Pro plus 2019

  • One time installation means no update
  • AI feature included for better performance
  • Morph and Zoom feature in PowerPoint
  • Touchscreen and pen touch performance enhance
  • Excel comes up with new formulas and charts
  • focus mode for a better experience

How to activate

All software which you download from our website mostly preactivated means you didn’t need to activate it by separate software. Just download the Microsoft 2019 pro with preactivated version ISO from the link given below and start to use it.

Package include:

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional and standard


Important thing is that MS Office 2019 only for educational purpose. Only for those people who could not afford it and want to use for practice. For commercial use, the MS can be download and purchase from the official website of Microsoft.

Download Link for MS Office Professional 2019

Latest version[April update 2019] -Recommended

  • 2+Activator
  • Official Installation setup
  • Installation Guide video included
  • Size 3.3GB
  • x64-x86



Old version[not recommended]

Ms office x64 [2.48GB] Preactivated


Google Drive


MS office x86 [2.22GB]


Google Drive


For Previous version of ms office and other product visit home page.

30 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2019 Pro x32 x64 with activator(Preactivated)

  1. Please download the Latest one. It’s already the English version. Check the first download link.

  2. None of the above download links are working for Ms office 2019 x64 .Please update them as soon as possible or provide a new link.

  3. I have Office 365 that I need to update. Will there be a conflict between 365 and Office 2019? I am running Windows 7

  4. This is preactivated version and I think you didn’t follow the instruction on starting of installation. Please install it again and select the proper activation method.

  5. Uninstall old version and then install 2019 version of MS office. Sooner a new version will be upload then may your problem will fix. Thanks

  6. I have Microsoft office 2007 in windows 32bit system but can’t seem to update it to 2019 pre-activated version that you provided any suggestions to update it will be appreciated.
    Thank you

  7. Please turn off antivirus while installing and after installation finish, open the program and run at least once. After that, you can turn on your antivirus.

  8. Hi. I have an anti virus software installed and right when it finishes installing, antivirus quarantines some file in the drive. and my office application doesn’t open up, saying failed to open. Am i doing something wrong?

  9. I’m sorry to be rude but I’d just like to ask if this is safe? How is it possible to install preactivated? Does this iso installer include unofficial registry entries?

  10. Hi the i downloaded th IOS file but oesnt work it opens my dvd drive.
    do i need to download anything else?

  11. operating system is windows 10 pro 1809, installation is stock at were getting things ready.
    could it be my i3 processor issue?

  12. Hey, i downloaded the X64 vrsn, and it’s taking forever to install, stuck at We’re getting things ready.
    Any help on what to do will be appreciated.

  13. works like a charm! been looking for something like this for forever!
    keep up the good work!

  14. Hey, i downloaded the X64 vrsn, and it’s taking forever to install, stuck at We’re getting things ready.
    Any help on what to do will be appreciated.

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